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When you need help at home keeping family members healthy

Family Owned and Operated

Helpful In-Home Care Resources

We are always looking to help families find the resources they need to support aging in place and people with disabilities. Below are some helpful resources, including websites and associations that assist families.


Helpful Websites About Aging

ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Connection)
Phone:1 855-673-2372
A complete listing of services for seniors and disabled persons in Oregon. This site is a data base which allows you to located services by type and location.

SPADO (State Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease in Oregon)
This tool will help identify signs of dementia and provide resources.  Learn about working with medical providers and your rights to an accurate and timely diagnosis.

Oregon Legal Guide for Seniors:
Phone: 503-968-2020
This free printed guide offered by Pixton Law Firm is an easy to read layman’s guide with common sense approach to protecting your assets and providing peace of mind by using a holistic and caring approach to planning for life’s challenges.


Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon (PRO)
Phone: 1-800-426-6806
A nonprofit association that provides services for families with Parkinson. To reach a knowledgeable staff member, call the PRO helpline.

Parkinson’s Center, OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University)
Phone: 503-494-7231
As part of the movement disorder clinic at OHSU, the center offers free consults.

Alzheimer’s Association of Oregon
24/7 Helpline: 1-800-272-3900
As an affiliate of the National Alzheimer’s Association, you can call their helpline for resources, caregiving questions and/or disease information.

Assistance in Locating Living Facilities

Foster homes, assisted and independent in front of facilities

The following people can help you find a facility or foster home. They are very knowledgeable of the inventory of facilities/foster homes in the area. Their services are free to the customer. They belong to the members of OSRAA (Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association.)

Portland Senior Placement
Jennifer Cook-Bauman: 503-487-7245

Autumn of Life Senior Housing and Advisor  
Cherie Henry: 503-970-1032

NW Senior Resources
Julie Ouellette: 503-807-7778

Elder Law/ Legal

Pixton Law Group: 503-968-2020
Pixton Law group can help with your all of your legal matters but specialize in elder law. If you need help with VA benefits, Medicaid, Estate Planning, or any of the many issues facing you and your family as your loved ones age, the attorneys at Pixton are there to help.

Case Managers/ Social Workers

Aging Advisors
Joyce Sjoberg: 503-780-1482
Aging life care management for older and disabled adults. Aging Advisors approach is collaborative and their primary goal for care is to reduce family stress.

Doctors & Clinics

Grain Integrative Health:
4246 SE Belmont St #5
Portland, OR 97215
Phone: 503-445-8114

Naturopathic Health Practitioners:
Dr. Sara Kates Chinoy, ND
(Offers Primary Care)
Dr. Lindsay M. Baum

Palliative & Hospice Care

Bristol Hospice 
Phone: 503-698-8911
The delivery of hospice services is integral to complete the continuum of care. Bristol Hospice is the bridge to delivery of end-of-life needs that are focused on pain and symptom management.

ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Connection)

1 (855) 673-2372 |

PRO (Parkinson Resources of Oregon)

1 (800)

Oregon Legal Guide for Seniors

(503) 968-2020 |

Alzheimer’s Association

24/7 HELPLINE: 1 (800) 272-3900  |

Portland Senior Placement: Jennifer Cook

(503) 487-7245 | Email

NW Senior Resources: Julie Ouellette

(503)-807-7778 |

Aging Advisors: Joyce Sjoberg

(503) 780-1482 |

Grain Integrative Health: Dr Sara Kates Chinoy

(503) 445-8114 |

Bristol Hospice

(503) 698-8911 |